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Del Prato since 1984

Stylistic research and quality

Who we are

Del Prato is a creative, dynamic and motivated company, founded in 1984 by Maurizio Campani who still manages it with the precious help of his wife Stefania Marinato and his son Matteo Campani.

Specialized in the production of medium-high quality fabrics for outerwear, in carded and worsted wool for the A/W season and Chanel, jacquard, linen and cotton fabrics for the S/S season.

In constant growth thanks to the sensitivity, the attention paid to the quality of production and the availability towards the needs of our customers.

Care, passion and creativity

The Del Prato family

We are proud of our fabrics obtained with care, passion and creativity. We aim to create a healthy and peaceful work environment to allow everyone to express their best qualities.

We have been working for decades in the Prato district, guaranteeing – also thanks to the right company size and family and personal management – correct social and environmental relationships over the long term.

Corporate vision

Making stylistic research and the quality of objectives common to all players in the fashion system.

Mission Del Prato

Always be a point of reference even for the fashion of tomorrow proposing quality, reliability and relationship.

Del Prato Dreams

The best fabrics are born from a fortuitous encounter between the warp and the weft, just as in our society, casual encounters generate the happiest relationships of our life.

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