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Del Prato produces

Fabrics for the Autumn / Winter season

Excellent fabrics

Made in Italy

We produce excellent fabrics in every respect. Our fabrics are exclusively Made In Italy. We invest in maintaining a short supply chain: a sustainable choice for the environment and for people. Stylistic research and quality have always been our goals. We are reliable, but innovative because we are artisans.

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Our collection

We specialize in the production of carded and combed fabrics of medium-high quality for outerwear for the autumn/winter season and cotton blend patterned fabrics for spring chanel jackets.

Our collection includes both plain fabrics, classic and refined with different types of finishing, and more modern and innovative fabrics, with yarns fantasy as well as knitted fabrics and jacquards for a younger clientele.

Constant Novelties

The release of flashes and continuous novelties out of the collection stimulate the creativity of our customers. Register your account on our site.

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